Micro Test tubes1.5ml

– Product code: CT0001
– Registration number: 230000037/PCBA-LA
– Country of origin: Vietnam
– Technical specifications: PP plastic, 1.5ml
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– Distribution: Nationwide and export to foreign countries
– Team: Experienced team with many experts in the field
– Quality: Products meet the standards of FDA, ISO 13485, ISO Class 5, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, ISO 26000
– Strict control process
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Micro Test tubes are ubiquitous tools in the world of laboratory research. These small, conical-shaped tubes, typically made from polypropylene, are designed to hold and manipulate small volumes of liquid samples. Their versatility and ease of use have made them indispensable for a wide range of laboratory applications.

Micro centrifuge tubes come in a variety of sizes, ranging from 0.2 ml to 2.0 ml, catering to the diverse needs of various laboratory procedures. They are characterized by several notable features that enhance their functionality and safety:

– High RCF Rating: Micro centrifuge tubes can withstand high centrifugation speeds, ensuring sample integrity during centrifugation.

– Frosted Writing Area:This provides a convenient space for labeling samples, ensuring clear identification and organization.

– Secure Cap:The tightly fitting cap prevents sample leakage and contamination.

– Graduation Marks:These clearly marked lines allow for accurate volume measurement of liquids.

Micro Test tubes are employed in a multitude of laboratory applications, spanning various scientific disciplines. Some of the common applications include:

– DNA Purification:These tubes are essential for isolating and purifying DNA from various biological samples.

– RNA Extraction:Micro centrifuge tubes are used to extract RNA, the genetic material responsible for protein synthesis.

– Protein Precipitation:They are employed to precipitate proteins from solutions, facilitating their isolation and analysis.

– Sample Storage:Micro centrifuge tubes provide a secure and convenient means of storing small volumes of biological samples.

The versatility of micro centrifuge tubes has made them indispensable in various scientific fields, including:

– Molecular Biology:These tubes play a crucial role in molecular biology techniques, such as DNA cloning and sequencing.

– Microbiology:They are used for growing and culturing microorganisms, enabling the study of their characteristics and behavior.

– Biochemistry: Micro centrifuge tubes are employed to purify and analyze biochemical samples, providing insights into cellular processes.

– Medical Research:They are used in various medical research applications, including drug development and cancer research.

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– Use for cold store.
– Use in centrifugation extract specimen.
– Made from virgin PP plastic.
– Thick wall for centrifugation up to 18,000 RPM.
– Extra clarity for better visual inspection.
– One-piece design
– Snug-fitting cap.
– Frosted writable on closure and sides of tubes.
– Boil-proof design.


Product Name Eppendorf 1.5ml
Product Code CT0001
Material PP
Color Clear
Property 1.5ml
Packing 1.000 pcs/bag;7.000 pcs/carton
Sample Yes
Sterile (Gamma) Optional