Stickes/Loops 1ul

– Product name announced by the Ministry of Health: Stick/ Loop
– Product code: LP 0001
– Registration number: 230000039/PCBA-LA
– Country of origin: Vietnam
– Technical specifications: HIPS plastic, 1ul, Ø3.5*226 
– Pricing policy: Best prices on the market, with many attractive offers. Special prices for distributors and agents.
– Distribution: Nationwide and export to foreign countries
– Team: Experienced team with many experts in the field
– Quality: Products meet the standards of FDA, ISO 13485, ISO Class 5, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, ISO 26000
– Strict control process
– Products are being sold on e-commerce platforms: Shopee, Lazada, Tiki

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In the realm of microbiology and biotechnology, precision and accuracy are paramount to ensure reliable and reproducible results. Midamec’s plastic inoculating loops provide the ideal solution for precise sampling and transfer of microorganisms, enabling researchers to conduct meticulous microbiological analyses with confidence.

Available in Two Convenient Sizes

To cater to a wide range of applications, Midamec’s plastic inoculating loops come in two distinct sizes:

– 1µL Inoculating Loop: Designed for precise sampling and transfer of minute quantities of inoculum, particularly useful for delicate applications such as single colony picking and microorganism manipulation.

Our plastic inoculating loops stand out from the competition due to their exceptional features:

– Precision-Molded Loops: Precisely molded loops ensure consistent and accurate volume delivery.

– High-Quality Plastic: Manufactured from high-quality, durable plastic for reliable performance.

– Gamma Radiation Sterilized: Guaranteed sterility for contamination-free sampling and transfer.

– Individual Packaging: Each loop is individually packaged to maintain sterility and prevent cross-contamination.

The plastic inoculating loops serve a multitude of purposes in the laboratory setting, including:

– Streaking Agar Plates: Efficiently distribute microorganisms across agar plates for bacterial growth observation and isolation.

– Subculturing: Transfer microorganisms from one culture medium to another for further propagation and analysis.

– Single Colony Picking: Isolate single colonies from mixed cultures for pure strain isolation and identification.

– Sample Transfer: Accurately transfer small volumes of inoculum for a variety of microbiological assays and procedures.

The plastic inoculating loops offer several advantages over traditional metal loops:

– Sterility: Pre-sterilized to prevent cross-contamination and ensure consistent results.

– Disposable: Eliminate the need for sterilization, saving time and reducing the risk of contamination.

– Smooth Surface: Smooth, non-abrasive surface prevents damage to agar plates and ensures efficient sample transfer.

– Ergonomic Design: Comfortable, ergonomic handle provides optimal grip and control during manipulation.

– Cost-Effective: Economical solution for routine microbiological procedures.

With Midamec’s plastic inoculating loops, researchers can confidently conduct precise and accurate microbiological analyses, ensuring reliable and reproducible results. Our commitment to quality and innovation ensures that our products meet the highest standards for laboratory application.


– Plastic loop is a perfect circle & made by flexible virgin HIPS that does not cause to the cultural environment.
MidaMec Loops are calibrated for culturing, transferring, streaking, or isolating tissue cultures in cytology or histology.
– Package in PE zip bag.
– Sterile by gamma ray, especially perfect pure.
– Under Self-contained Manufacturing and packing in clean room environment ISO Class-5, complied with ISO 9001:2015, ISO 13485: 2016


Product Name Stickes/Loops 1ul
Product Code LP0001
Material HIPS
Color Blue
Property 1ul
Packing Optional
Sample Yes
Sterile (Gamma) Optional