50ml snap cap centrifuge tubes

– Product name announced by the Ministry of Health: Snap cap Centrifuge Tube 50ml
– Product code: CT0004
– Registration number: 230000037/PCBA-LA
– Country of origin: Vietnam
– Technical specifications: PP plastic, 50ml
– Pricing policy: Best prices on the market, with many attractive offers. Special prices for distributors and agents.
– Distribution: Nationwide and export to foreign countries
– Team: Experienced team with many experts in the field
– Quality: Products meet the standards of FDA, ISO 13485, ISO Class 5, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, ISO 26000
– Strict control process
– Products are being sold on e-commerce platforms: Shopee, Lazada, Tiki
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50ml snap cap centrifuge tubes

50ml snap cap centrifuge tubes

– Gamma Sterilization help to remove DNase, RNase, human DNA, and pyrogens free, making them ideal for sensitive molecular biology applications.

– Manufactured from virgin high-purity polypropylene without impurities, safe and durable.

– Products meet the standards of FDA, ISO 13485, ISO Class 5, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, ISO 26000.

* Features:

– Durability: 50ml snap cap centrifuge tubes are made from virgin high-purity polypropylene, which is durable and resistant to cracking and breakage.

– Durability: withstand high centrifugation speeds up to 6,000 RPM.

– High optical clarity: 50ml snap cap centrifuge tubes have high optical clarity, making them ideal for applications where visibility is important.

– Leak-proof sealing: Product has a leak-proof sealing design to ensure that your samples are safe and secure.

– Affordable price: 50ml centrifuge tubes are a cost-effective choice for your lab.

– Easy labeling: 50ml centrifuge tubes have white, easy-to-read graduations and a large writing area, making labeling simple.

 50ml snap cap centrifuge tubes Applications

– Sample collection and storage: 50ml snap cap centrifuge tubes are ideal for collecting and storing a variety of samples, including blood, urine, cell pellets, and protein and nucleic acid samples. This can be done for a variety of purposes, such as research, clinical testing, and quality control.

– Mixing: 50ml snap cap centrifuge tubes can also be used for mixing samples, either by hand or with a vortex mixer. This can be done to prepare samples for further analysis, or to create homogeneous mixtures.

– Storage: Place in a cool, clean place, avoid moisture and agents affecting product quality.
– Recommendation: Snap Cap Centrifuge Tube 50ml only use 1 time.

MidaMec, Vietnam’s leading unit in the medical supplies industry

50ml snap cap centrifuge tubes

To meet the increasing quality and regulatory requirements of customers. We always pay attention to the scale of the factory and invest in modern equipment:

– The new factory will be expanded in 2022, increasing the factory area up to 45,000m2

– Including automatic robotic hand injection molding machines from famous brands such as Makino, Mazak, Charmiles, JSW, Sumitomo,…

– Ensure to provide customers with outstanding products, meeting enough output according to their own designs with attractive competitive prices.

– Along with a diverse sales network, MidaMec has been the first choice of domestic and foreign customers, especially fastidious customers in the US, Europe …

– With an experienced design team in the industry, always ahead of the curve in researching trends and improving designs.

– We can provide customers with a comprehensive solution of product design work and production designs with the motto:

  • Products that satisfy customers
  • Delivery in the fastest time
  • Price competition
  • Best After-sales Service

Certifications and awards achieved

  • FDA Certification
  • ISO 9001; ISO-14001; ISO-45001 (Quality – Environmental-Health)
  • ISO Class 5 – Medical product room hygiene product standard
  • ISO-13485 Medical Device Manufacturing Industry
  • National brand for many consecutive years
  • Top 500 fastest growing enterprises in Vietnam
  • Top 50 best growing enterprises in Vietnam.

50ml snap cap centrifuge tubes
…..and many other awards.

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Product Name Snap Cap Centrifuge Tube 50ml
Product Code CT0004
Material PP
Color Clear
Property 50ml
Packing 25 pcs/bag;400 pcs/carton
Sample Yes
Sterile (Gamma) Optional