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Yellow Pipette Tip

• Made form metal-free, high grade and virgin polypropylene plastic.
• Apply in hospital laboratory and clinic center
• Match with common pipettip in market (check out proper micropipette list in specification category)
• DNAse-free and RNAse-free
• Pipette tips created from precision injection molding care for an air-tight fit, tips interior with non-stagnant water/sample ensure correct amount.
Product code Product name Resin Volume Color Packing Sterilization
PIP0001 Yellow Pipet tip
PP 0-200ul  o
1000pcs/PE bag 

As requirement by Gamma
PIP0002 Blue
Pipet tip
PP 0-1000ul
1000 pcs / PE bag 
10,000 pcs /carton
     Producer  Yellow pipettip (200ul)  Blue pipettip(1000ul)
 Eppendorf  Italy  FIT NO FIT
 Brand  German  FIT  FIT
 Pipetman  Gilson - France  FIT  FIT
 Dragonmed  China  FIT  FIT
 Isolab  German  FIT  FIT
 Boetec  German  FIT  FIT
 Nichipet  Nichiryo – Nhật  FIT  FIT
 Acura Socorex  Swiss  Model 825: FIT
  Model 821: NO FIT
 Labopette  HIrscheman - German  FIT  FIT
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